Bluestone offers a unique service for property Landlords.

Firstly, because our in-house legal team knows Landlord and Tenant law, procedure and practice, we understand the issues at once, what you require and how it can best be achieved.

Secondly, our integrated service provides you with the comfort of knowing that every aspect of your case is managed by competent, professional and experienced people. Our experience in the property sector includes advising some of the biggest property companies in the UK.

We offer fixed price services with flexible options to meet your needs.

Stage 1 – Assessment of tenants or lease problems

  • We review and report on the lease terms and suggest practical options for you.
  • We prepare and serve suitable notices to terminate the lease.
  • We can secure the premises in the case of tenant absconding.
  • We trace the debtor (or any guarantor) and if necessary their assets.
  • Before you accept tenants, either residential or commercial, we will undertake tenant, director or guarantor screening.
  • Discreet and highly skilled investigative visits to a property to ascertain who is in occupation if any, whether there has been a breach of the lease and to obtain evidence of the position.

Stage 2 – Recovery Action and Enforcement

We litigate to recover the debt and secure court Judgments.

In the case of commercial property, we work closely with  bailiffs who can enforce court orders with the removal and sale of assets of the debtor.

We frequently secure charging orders over property and enforce these by court orders for sale.

Fees for stage 2 – once we know the scope of action required and the urgency involved we will provide you with a quote tailored to your specific circumstances.

Covid-19 financial effect assessments

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach, as each tenant’s circumstance is different, and some will be worse affected in terms of their ability to pay than others. It is important for landlords to complete their due diligence before taking action in order to avoid unnecessary unrecoverable costs. These assessments are also essential for any possible negotiation of rent arrears.

Rent Arrears Assignment

We rapidly assess your situation and we could either make an offer to assign your arrears by means of a purchase or by an agreed-upon percentage fee of the recovered amount with no initial costs to you.