Bluestone understand debt and debt recovery

Bluestone comprises a team of experienced business individuals, with over 30 years of experience in debt collection, legal and investigative fields.

Having worked in these three areas we formed the clear view of how closely they are tied together. We found the standard debt recovery practices, to say the least,  “hit and miss”. We also discovered time and again the importance of due diligence.

The Bluestone solution

Due diligence on the debt and the debtor.

We find the right solution  for both you and us, whether this is an offer to buy your debt or a commission based debt recovery strategy.

Many  debt buyers will only buy large portfolios of debt but we consider all debts for purchase, whether portfolio or individual.

Many debt collection agencies operate solely on the basis of basic debtor checks, follow up letters and telephone calls. In other words, they rely on bulk methods and percentage success rates.

We use a tailored, specific, individual strategy for investigation and recovery of each debt.

We have the legal and procedural knowledge in-house to litigate to recover. With better knowledge through good investigation and time spent working on a strategy, we obtain better results.