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Due Diligence

Due Diligence – an essential business tool

Why waste legal costs in pursuing debtors who have little or no money or assets?

Why take on the risk of employing staff without checking they are telling you the truth about their background and qualifications?

Why take unnecessary risks in an important business transaction before knowing who you are dealing with?

Legal disputes

The prudent litigant always ensures the debtor is worth suing BEFORE incurring court costs and solicitor’s fees.

Bluestone can establish a financial profile of your opponent by identifying assets to assist with negotiations or ensure that successful litigation results in successful recovery.

Employee screening

Our services include basic or advanced checks on all staff levels, reducing risks, especially where statistics indicate that a significant and rising level of job applicants do not fully tell the truth in job applications, cv’s or interviews

Business checks

The Bluestone team includes experienced legal and business analysts with wide-ranging commercial experience. Our processes are professional, discreet and all are ethically and legally compliant.


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