1. Why have I been contacted by Bluestone?
  2. I can’t pay in full – what can I do?
  3. How can I pay Bluestone?
  4. Can I continue to pay the original creditor direct?
  5. I’ve already paid this debt – why are you contacting me?
  6. I’ve sent payment as agreed, so why have I had an arrears letter?
  7. I have a complaint about the handling of my account – what do I do?

Why have I been contacted by Bluestone?

A debt that you owed to a company or a person has been purchased by us from the original creditor. It might be that payment was late or unpaid. The original creditor has a legal right to pass your details to us when the debt is purchased. Under your contract with the original creditor, you had a legal obligation to pay money, which is now owed to us.

I can’t pay – what can I do?

Depending on your circumstances, we may decide to take legal action against you. This can result in you having a County Court Judgment (CCJ) issued against your name and you may also have to pay the legal costs of Court proceedings.

But if you can’t pay, please pick up the phone to discuss your circumstances; we are in a better position to act appropriately if you explain your circumstances. We can help you work out a realistic payment plan that you can stick to. You can either telephone or email us with a proposal for payment for us to consider.

To allow us to better understand your financial position, please call one of our advisors or complete our contact form to provide details of your means.

Can I pay the original creditor instead?

No. The money is now owed to us, and it is better that payment comes directly to ourselves so that we can close your case.

I have already paid the debt in full. Why have I been contacted?

Please provide us with the date you made the payment, the amount you paid, any further information (including reference numbers) and we will speak to the creditor to investigate. We will not issue Court proceedings while we are waiting to hear back from the creditor.

I’ve sent payment as requested, so why have I had a further letter?

Your payment may have crossed in the post with our letter. Please telephone us using the reference number on your letter and we will advise you.

I have a question regarding my account – what do I do?

Please use the online query form on the Contact Us page or telephone us on 0845 9000 172, giving further details of your query and we will try to resolve it as quickly as possible.

How can I pay Bluestone?

  • Cheque -
    by post, quoting your reference code on the back of the cheque
  • Debit or Credit Card -
    by telephoning our payment line on 0845 9000 172
  • Direct Debits -
    can be set up by telephoning our offices on 0845 9000 172
  • Telephone / Internet Banking –
    you can pay sums directly into our accounts Bluestone ARM Ltd account number 37589849 Sort Code 60-20-22 – quoting your reference code